PigFeathers Farm

PigFeathers Farm is a not for profit farm based in Carroll County that raises sustainably raised poultry and swine. Our mission is to create a happy, healthy life for our farm animals, as we endeavor to feed the hungry in Carroll and Grayson counties by providing ethically (and deliciously!) raised food. Our commitment, and promise to our customers, is to match our sales, pound for pound, with donations of our products to local outreach programs feeding those in need. Every pound you purchase helps feed our neighbors! Our products have already graced the tables at Joy Ranch Children’s Home, God’s Storehouse and Soup Kitchen, and Common Ground.

Owners Doug and Donna Rogers have worked diligently to develop a successful business in Raleigh, North Carolina, and have owned their farm on Chances Creek Road for eighteen years. They have fallen in love with our mountains and our community.

Danielle Walker, the “boots on the ground” local, was raised in Elk Creek, Virginia and has worked extensively on a wide variety of farms across the East Coast. She currently volunteers at PigFeathers Farm and is working with other local entities to support our business model.

We have recently processed young New Hampshire chickens, full blooded Berkshire hogs, as well as Berkshire/Duroc cross-bred hogs. We are currently focusing our efforts on sausage varieties. PigFeathers Farm may not have poultry available again until the end of 2019 (Sorry! We donated most of it!) but we appreciate all who have taken an interest in our effort to feed hungry people healthy food, and look forward to posting updates as our project develops.

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