D T Clark, Writer

I am a native of the Smyth/Grayson counties area, and have been writing nearly as long as I’ve been living. My jobs have included being a wife, mother, freelance journalist, newspaper reporter, state part interpreter, general store keeper, newspaper reporter, and high school teacher, among other things.
Mostly I write short stories; two collections of my stories are in print and a third is being edited by my publisher/editor at Human Error Publishing. I write about people and places like you might meet around here. Or I write about magic and mystery. Or about traveling space magicians.
My latest writing venture is a zine called NOTICE, published twice a year. My writing partner and I choose a topic, play around with it to get inspired, try to produce some art to go with the stories, poems, and essays we’ve written, and put the result together in a chapbook-like format

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