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Market is OPEN for October 16th pickup!

Good evening,

For all of you planners out there, we have decided to change the Market to WEDNESDAY, November 25th, for the week of Thanksgiving! I’ll continue to send reminders and details as it gets closer.

Thanks again and happy shopping!
To Shop: Independence Farmers Market.

Schedule Your Pickup Time: Calendly.
After you click “Confirm” on your time, be sure to enter your information and click, “Schedule an Event”. You will get a confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive a confirmation, you are not scheduled and need to try again.

Thank you all so much for your donations to Food Independence! We’ll continue to collect canned protein items at the Market next Friday.

Friendly Reminders- Please remember to leave the boxes and ice packs on the tables, we re-use them each week. If you have boxes at home that you accidentally took with you, please return them, I promise you will not receive any stink eyes from the office. If you have extra egg cartons, mushroom cartons, etc., feel free to leave them in your box on the table and we will return them to the vendors.

Have a great weekend!

Thank you so much for supporting the Independence Farmers Market!