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•Customers can place orders anytime from Friday at 8pm until Wednesday evening. On Wednesday evening, we will disable ordering for that week and send that week’s orders to our vendors. This will give our vendors time to prepare orders for customer pickup curbside at the Grayson LandCare Office (beside the 1908 Courthouse),at 104 Courthouse street on Fridays from 3-6pm by pre-arranged appointment. Chose your pickup time here:
Calendly Remember, after you press CONFIRM, you need to put in your name and e-mail and then click “SCHEDULE EVENT”. You will receive a confirmation if everything has processed correctly. If you don’t receive a confirmation, try again or let me know an available time and I will input your information. Having everyone scheduled before the Market pickup makes our day run more smoothly.

•Add items to your cart and proceed to checkout when ready. If it is the first time you use your credit card, it will take you to a screen to enter your card information. Once that is done, be sure to follow thru until you are prompted to click "Pay for this Order.”

•You will receive a confirmation email (Subject line is Farmers Market Order Processed). Please make sure you have gotten this or send an email to ifmmarketplace@gmail.com.

•Orders are paid for On-line. You may now use Credit Cards! If it is the first time using your card, it will take you to a screen to enter your card information. Once that is done, be sure to follow thru until you are prompted to click "Pay for this Order.” You can also pre-load your account using a check, SNAP, Senior Farmers Market coupons and WIC farmers Market coupons. Please contact Michelle for help setting up your account. 276-768-0597

•Please bring your own cooler, bag, basket, or box to pick up your purchases. Please take your items from the box after the staff has returned to the office. If there are problems with your order, please call Abby, 541-243-3899

•What if you forget to pick up your order? We will do our best to get your order to you, but please know that our ability to hold your order is limited, and all orders must be paid for. Please call Abby if you have trouble scheduling your pick up time or will miss the pickup 541-243-3899.

*We are not able to offer refunds after the Market closes on Wednesday nights at 8 pm. If you do need to cancel your order AFTER the market closes, you will still be charged for your purchases. We will be happy to place your items in the freezer, when possible, for a later pickup. Also, when possible, non-perishable items, including produce, cheese and eggs, can be refrigerated until the next week’s pickup. You may also choose to donate your products to a local food bank. If you are canceling due to illness, please arrange for someone else to pick up your order. In the event that you do need to cancel your order after the Market closes on Wednesday nights, please contact Michelle at 276-768-0597 as soon as possible.

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Prepared Foods

Search entire market by all or part of product name:
Creamy tomato soup
Grower: Backwoods Bean
Price: $10.00 ( 1 qt )
Available (Exact): 6

A tasty soup of organcic local tomatoes, herbs, honey and coconut milk. more
Grower: Backwoods Bean
Price: $17.50 ( 1 pie )
Available (Exact): 10

An egg and cheese pie, made with local free range eggs and organic veggies and herbs. more
Scalloped potatoes and ham casserole
Grower: Our Farms
Price: $13.00 ( 1 9 inch pie )
Available (Exact): 3

Creamy sauce with a mild cheese flavor baked with ham and sliced potatoes topped with more cheese and then baked ... more