Blue Sage Greenhouse and Farm LLC


This Farm is located in Dugspur, VA.

We practice regenerative agriculture methods, which include: testing and analyzing the soil and by using that information about the soil, we can more than likely ensure it has the proper microbial life and it almost guarantee the plants will grow well, then to filtering and using clean, fresh and filtered spring/collected rain water to give to the plants, furthermore instead of using/spraying harmful pesticides, insecticides, and other bad chemicals as a pest and disease treatment we only use beneficial bugs as well as keep track of the plants plant/root/soil health to help keep disease away,.

We grow a large variety of starter plants, as well as our own starter plants that we use to plant in the greenhouse and outdoors.

Secondly we grow a variety of flowers to sale and to plant on the farm, as well as a wide variety of herb plants or freshly dried herbs that are grown here at the farm.

In the spring will have a ton of starter vegetable plants to sell for anyone needing plants for their gardens.

We also raise and set back our own starter plants to transplant into rows, or we directly seed the bed. In turn we will be selling most of the produce we harvest, which (depends on the season) include: Yellow plum tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes, red pear tomatoes, black plum tomatoes, large red cherry tomatoes, brandywine tomatoes, stripey tomatoes, Jalapeno Peppers, Poblano peppers, Sante fe Grande peppers, red and green bell peppers, lemon and carribean red habanero peppers, sugar snap peas, two varieties of radishes, a mix of greens, kohl rabi, beets, gooseberries, and purple and green tomatillos.

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