Martin's Wild Organic Artisan Bread

Martin’s Wild Organic Artisan Bread was born from a love of moist, crusty bread with an open crumb, in other words, big holes in the soft part of the bread. I started making bread more than 45 years ago and have often dabbled with ‘sourdough’ starters. Becoming interested in all things fermented a few years ago, I was gifted some starter from my daughter and started again to develop my dream bread. The self-taught method involved reading many books, watching youtube videos and talking with others making bread. The final puzzle piece fell into place because of one of those conversations. I am fascinated with the principle of ‘wild yeast’ and amazed at the wonder of it all as each loaf comes out of the oven. My bread is made with organic ingredients or at least non-gmo because eating organically has made a huge difference in my life and I feel a responsibility to take care of my body.

Most of the breads are simple in their ingredients: flour, water and salt. I use himalayan pink salt. My organic bread flour is milled by McGeary Organics in PA on a mill built in 1740 (but thoroughly modernized in 1907!) Since roller adjustments and flour textures are all manually made, less bran is removed from the flour than what is found in other commercial flours. This causes a flour that is light brown in color and higher in ash content. Since the flour is still cool enough to touch after being milled, it is better for us to eat. My other flours (whole wheat, rye, corn, rice) are grown and/or milled by Frankferd Farms in PA.

My bread will always be baked within 12 hrs of opening market time. I hope you enjoy my bread as much as I do. Thank you for your support.

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