Moon Shadow Farm

Website: www.moonshadow.farm

Moon Shadow Farm raises Silver Fox rabbits for meat & fur, Welsh Harlequin ducks & Buckeye chickens for meat and a limited number of eggs, & American Guinea Hogs for their flavorful meat & fat.

We raise heritage breeds to help conserve these rare breeds for future generations. They are part of our national heritage and represent a unique part of biodiversity. The loss of these breeds would impoverish agriculture and diminish the human spirit. We breed to standard and sell a limited number of registered breeding stock.

We feed all organic feeds & our animals are grass-fed in season & fed local grass hay in winter. We don’t use antibiotics or hormones, and only use organic approved medications when absolutely needed.

Moon Shadow Farm also sells flavorful smoked salts, unique preserves, Bunny Berries to fertilize your garden organically.

Please email us at farmers@moonshadow.farm if you have any questions.

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